Innovate with Idémotorn

Idémotorn is a collaborative crowdsourcing platform developed with the global leader in innovation management software.

The platform will help you to innovate faster, smarter and on purpose.

Innovate on purpose

With Idémotorn you can quickly and easily start your own innovation challenges within your organisation. You could be increasing efficiency, improving processes, engaging with your employees, or even making that next killer product or service to complement what you do today. You could even be coming up with something entirely new.

Scroll to learn more about why you should and how Idémotorn can help you innovate on purpose.

Reasons to innovate

The new intellectual property is speed and innovation and adaptability is now the key to success.

Innovation can be anything from a small idea that makes you more efficient today, to an idea that creates a new product or service for your business tomorrow. Innovation can also be the unknown quantity that defines your industry for the next generation.

For the competitive advantage

Innovative companies continuously improve what they do and how they do it. They lead the change and create the advantage before their competitors.

To drive growth

Ideas that will create sustainable profitable growth are more likely to come from engaged employees than from outside the organisation.

To change the game

Since 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have been merged, acquired or have gone bankrupt. Not innovating means change happens without you.

To engage

Innovative companies find it easier to grow and therefore attract, retain and develop their most important asset - its employees.

What can you innovate?

Do you need new ideas that improve your business today? Do you want to take a closer look at interesting opportunities in your industry? Or maybe you'd like insights on what you should focus on in the future?

With Idémotorn you can create innovation challenges for any part of your organisation or business.
There is no wrong use case for innovation.


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The Idémotorn workflow

Innovation has never been easier and the workflow below is proven to produce relevant and tangible results. The standard workflow is also the quickest way to get started with Idémotorn.

These are the steps you could be using in your next innovation challenge:

The first step is to outline the challenge aims. What is the objective, how long does it run for and what your users can expect. With Idémotorn you engage all participants in an open and transparent way.

Participants submit ideas, vote for what they like the best and collaborate on opportunities. This can be done at the desk or on the go with the mobile app. Ideas can also be linked, tagged and categorised. While ideation is ongoing, the next step is also taking place behind the scenes.

A smaller group of participants will rate all ideas on a scale of 1-9 against the challenge aims and objectives. A threshold is determined and the best ideas will automatically be moved to the next step. Ideas can be manually reviewed, but the platform ensures the best ideas graduate to the next step.

In this step, the idea submitter is asked a series of questions to develop the idea further and to understand what is required to implement the idea. This step is used to prepare the idea for the evaluation step that comes next. This step is seen by the challenge sponsor and idea submitter only.

After the most relevant ideas are further developed, the are then ready for evaluation by your subject matter experts. Evaluations are performed using the scorecard tool in the platform. A series of questions are asked to determine feasibility, potential ROI and time to implement.

Once the ideas have been evaluated, they'll be given an overall weighted score. This is based on the individual scorecard responses and can be seen as a viability or feasibility score. This is when you communicate the results to your participants and start implementing.

What can you expect from innovating with Idémotorn?

Understanding the type of ideas you want is important when communicating your innovation challenge aims. It means you set expectations for participants and evaluators. As a result, this will mean better and more relevant ideas. The opportunities created from your innovation challenge will fall into one of the following areas:

What you do

These are quick wins that improve a process, product or service. Typically these will improve efficiency or save costs. This is often called or referred to as incremental innovation or continuous improvement.

What you should do

These are opportunities that you could be working with. It's called transformational innovation and will likely produce new products or services that complement your existing offer or completely new ways of working.

What you could do

The insights gained by exploring what you should be doing are driven by the vision and future direction of your organisation. This is called disruptive innovation and the ideas can be game changing for your organisation or industry.

How to get started

You can get started with Idémotorn in one of two ways.

Standard package

Run an innovation challenge with our best practise workflow. Standard package includes:

  • • Challenge page with tools to submit, develop and evaluate ideas
  • • Front end collaboration space for user interaction, voting and commenting
  • • Mobile app to collect ideas at any time and up to 500 users

Standard packaged price is €6,000 plus taxes.

If you're interested in the standard package contact us by clicking the button below and we'll arrange a time to show you how your innovation challenge could look.

Standard Package

Customised innovation challenge

The customised innovation challenge offers you everything as the standard package and:

  • • Customised innovation workflow
  • • Challenge branding and promotional material
  • • Campaign launch strategy

Want to know more?
If you're interested in our customised innovation challenge package or would like to arrange a time to learn more, click the contact us button for our contact details.

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